Feldman ’15: A school without boundaries

There are many factors that limit where people are able to attend college: finances, location and academic programs all play major roles in choosing an appropriate college. Disabilities should not play a factor. Certain schools do not do well in accommodating people with physical disabilities. Unfortunately, it seems Brown has joined their ranks.

Football | Long road to recovery for Tufts football

Tufts University

Nov 19th, 2013

Every Monday at 11 a.m., head football coach Jay Civetti makes the walk from his office in the Steve Tisch Sports and Fitness Center to the Of…

Letter: Sufferers should address mental health issues

In response to Alexander Pike’s courageous article, “In memoriam: on mental health at Brown” (Post- Magazine, Nov. 14): I am disturbed by the lack of conversation about mental illness at Brown. I have seen some of my closest friends battle with eating disorders, anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder. I myself have finished a semester incomplete due to anxiety and depression so severe that I experienced a loss of reality and saw no point in completing my classes or even my degree. It’s common. And it is always kept hushed. Why does it seem that Brown students, who are so open to tackling difficult social issues, are ashamed to admit mental illness or bring the conversation outside a psychiatrist’s office? Attention to mental health should be a preemptive measure, not one only taken when crisis strikes. The inherent instability of the life of a college student, combined with high-stress, high-stakes academics, is the perfect environment to wreak havoc on one’s mental health. And the intelligence of Brown students is almost a crutch here: I’ve seen a weighty responsibility to do something great, combined with an ongoing existential crisis, propel many students into depression, whether mild or severe. Brown offers so many things that promote mental health: Yoga and Mindfulness, Brown Meditation Community, music groups, intramural sports and fitness clubs and the Brown Outing Club. Let’s be able to say, “I’m not doing this to be great — I’m doing this to be healthy, body AND mind, to love myself and achieve my potential.”

All-NESCAC Selections | Twelve Jumbos receive fall All-NESCAC honors

Tufts University

Nov 18th, 2013

With the fall season effectively over for many of the Tufts sports teams, all-conference teams have been picked, and 12 Jumbos across four teams have thus far been selected for first and second teams. Field hockey picked …

Northern Colorado wrestling dominates Old Chicago Open

A successful run for the UNC wrestling squad began early and continued throughout all of Saturday during the annual Old Chicago Open at Butler-Hancock Sports Pavilion.
The Old Chicago Open hosts a n…

ND Women’s Soccer: Irish score four unanswered goals, advance in first round of NCAAs

University of Notre Dame

Nov 16th, 2013

Notre Dame freshman midfielder Morgan Andrews has played a variety of roles for her team in her first collegiate season. On Friday night, she added a new one to her résumé — designated pe…

Athlete of the Week: Akeel ’16 pushes Bruno past Bulldogs with two goals

Men’s soccer midfielder Tariq Akeel ’16 continued his impressive year Saturday with two quick goals against Yale in a 3-1 victory. Akeel has played in every game this season and leads the team (7-6-3, Ivy 3-1-2) with 14 points — six goals and eight assists. During his first year Akeel played in all 19 matches and was selected for the team’s Britton Chichester Award, which is given to the first-year who best embodies sportsmanship.

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