Eastern University in Pennsylvania

Groundbreaking HIV Research

Apr 16th, 2013

Groundbreaking research regarding a new HIV vaccine has recently been made. Scientists say that after 7 years of research, this new vaccine may be able to more successfully combat the disease, compared to the currently available treatments.

Local businesses adopt new technologies

Mar 27th, 2013

In order for small businesses to stay afloat in today’s economy and remain ahead of competition, establishments must evolve to adopt modern technologies.

Local church to host women’s worship night

Mar 27th, 2013

Storehouse Church, located in Plymouth Meeting, is hosting a women’s worship night titled “SHE BELIEVES.”

Extending the impact:

Mar 27th, 2013

Eastern University’s chapter of Student Athletic Trainers Association operates around the mission of raising community awareness of the healthcare and impact of surrounding athletic trainers.

Reflecting on El Salvador

Mar 27th, 2013

“I hope that I can bring you here for a week on this trip and it ruins you for life,” states Ron Morgan, professor of Heritage of the Church in El Salvador.

It’s that time of the year again!

Mar 27th, 2013

Dr. Christopher Hall holds many titles here at Eastern. He is the chancellor of the University, the Dean of Palmer Theological Seminary and a professor.

Life and Loss

Mar 27th, 2013

Loss is inevitable, and we all understand this. But when the moment comes for us to say goodbye, we never can grasp how to let go.

The Gender Mess

Mar 27th, 2013

Girls like pink, boys like blue. Or at least, that’s what we’ve been told all of our lives.

Thoughts on the Pope’s resignation

Mar 27th, 2013

I have been a proud Roman Catholic for 20 years. Needless to say, the text I received several weeks ago from my dad telling me that our church’s leader, Pope Benedict XVI, had resigned came as a bit of a shock.

The Issue: Police Force Development

Mar 27th, 2013

Police officers hold a badge. This badge is not just their title. With that badge they are making a commitment to civilians, ensuring their safety within the area they live.

Pope Francis shows humility, concern for the marginalized

Mar 27th, 2013

The Roman Catholic Church has named their 266th pope. Pope Francis, the first elected Latin American, who was formerly Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergogl…

Phillies Look to Find Winning Balance in 2013

Mar 13th, 2013

2012, to say the least, was a disappointing year for Philadelphia sports fans.

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